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Welcome to our new Unimeter web site.

We are proud of our UNIMETER product line, and keen to spread the word about the benefits that their unique features offer for measurement, process control and data logging applications. 

A culture built on the foundations of product excellence and continuous research and development has enabled the Company to establish a position of leadership in the specialist fields in which it operates.

I recommend that you have a look at the Case Studies section of our web site as this clearly demonstrate Unimeters at work in a diverse range of applications.

If you would like further information regarding the Unimeter product line, or have a sales or distribution enquiry, please feel free to call us.

We hope you find our Web site interesting and informative, and look forward to being of service to you in the future.

Andrew McLeod

Sales & Marketing

  Product Range...

The Unimeter is a universal instrument providing in excess of
90 % of instrumentation and control solutions within a single compact package.

Complemented by a suite of Windows based software, the Unimeter can perform hundreds of functions simply by selecting the required configuration parameters.

Please visit the Unimeter Products section of our website for detailed information about our hardware and software products.



Engineering Capabilities...


Autoplex International has an extensive in-house capability that includes engineering research and development, computer aided design, printed circuit board manufacture, and electronic assembly and test.  


Operating from an ISO-9000 accredited 10,000 square metre facility, the extensive in-house resources available to Autoplex International facilitate the development and manufacture of products to the highest of  international standards.


The Company's dedicated team of electronic and software engineers have specialized in the development of 'Real-Time Information Technology' in conjunction with user friendly hardware and software to facilitate the entry by non technical personnel to the field of instrumentation and process control.


A technical support facility is also provided to assist our agents and system integrators to achieve the optimum solution in terms of applying the various products within the Unimeter product range. 


  Customer Base...

Our global customer base represents a diverse range of industry sectors such as:

  • Defence & Aerospace

  • Telecommunications

  • Industrial & Automation

  • Scientific & Instrumentation

  • Information Technologies 

  • Consumer Electronic Products

  • Automotive Industry

  • Government Agencies

Our products, technologies and information systems are constantly being refined in response to the developing needs of our customers.



Contact Details...

Andrew McLeod (Sales & Marketing)

Autoplex International Pty Limited,

37 Belford Avenue,
Devon Park,
South Australia 5008,


Phone :  0402 356 711
Facsimile : +61 8 8245 6788

Email (Sales and Marketing) : sales@unimeter.com

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