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Monitoring Beer Tank Capacity

Monitoring Beer Tank Capacity

Can You Spot the Unimeter?

Solution: A brewery in Queensland utilizes UNIMETERs for a wide range of applications. The photo above shows a beer keg filling line. The kegs are filled with beer from the large storage tank (to the right). In this application the UNIMETER (attached to the top of the control panel) is linked to a pressure transmitter in the large storage tank, where it measures the amount of beer in the tank in Hecta-litres. The UNIMETER reading is then used to determine the number of kegs that can be filled from that tank.

Benefits: The UNIMETER provides an accurate and reliable measurement system that allows the brewer to continuously monitor the tank volume and determine the number of kegs being filled in a particular production run. This UNIMETER application is beneficial as it reduces the chance of under filling kegs and greatly improves the production lines efficiency. It replaces the laborious task of manual measurements, decreases production time and provides a safer work environment as the UNIMETER can be positioned away from the filling line. The UNIMETER's versatility provides a low cost solution to a wide variety of problems.



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