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Weighing coal on a conveyor belt and controlling speed

Weighing coal on a conveyor belt and controlling speed

Situation: Coal is shipped daily by train from the Leigh Creek open cut mine to the NRG Flinders power station at Port Augusta, South Australia. It is off-loaded onto a conveyor system that moves it to processing and storage. A UNIMETER is used to regulate the flow of coal along the conveyor lines. This is achieved with the use of a load cell placed on a line, and the UNIMETER set for function 159.

Previously, an old analog meter was used to perform this task. It was suitably replaced with the UNIMETER which not only provides existing measurement functions but also data logging and digital communications.

Benefits: The flow of coal can be monitored and regulated. This prevents overloading or damage to the conveyor line motor. Optimal speed can be achieved with this form of computerized control. The entire collection of load cell measurements can be monitored, logged and analysed by the control room computer. This is remotely connected with single pair cable to the UNIMETER using the AS4000 adapter (RS485 to RS232) and UniSoft software. The data is provided in either a comma separated file, or directly into MS Office applications.



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