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Measuring bottle wall thickness

Bottle measuring
Situation: A producer of natural health products use UNIMETER's to measure and monitor both mold temperature and bottle thickness in the production of bottles and containers in their manufacturing plant. The photographs above show the UNIMETER at work using an analogue TURCK inductive proximity sensor to measure the wall thickness of bottles and containers.

In order to maintain quality standards the wall thickness of these containers is an important factor. Hence the accuracy of the UNIMETER's measurements is a vital component in the manufacturer's quality standards. The UNIMETER measurements also help in determining faults in the manufacturing process due to mould and or machine wear.

Benefit: This UNIMETER application provides an accurate and easy to operate measurement system. It's USER OFFSET and TARE functions allow for quick and easy calibration. This is just another example of the UNIMETER's versatility and the benefits that it provides.



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