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In a Brewery Monitoring Bottle & Can Height

In a Brewery Monitoring Bottle & Can Height

Solution: A brewery in Queensland utilizes the UNIMETER XQL for a wide range of applications. The photo above shows a bottle and can filling line with an integrated UNIMETER. The UNIMETER is connected to a magneto transducer. The magneto transducer measures the height of the bottles or cans as they travel along the filling line.

From the UNIMETER reading, the bottle/can height is determined. By using one of the two set points in the UNIMETER this value is then used to set the height dfof the filling nozzle in the production line.

Benefits: The measurement system provided by the UNIMETER is quick and accurate, and this is a vital component of any manufacturing facility. The UNIMETER allows this production line to be more versatile and easier to operate, as the line does not have to be totally reset in order to fill batches of different height containers. This UNIMETER application replaces a once archaic measurement system of a ruler attached to the side of the machine.



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