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Replacing Outdated Analogue Devices with a Smart Digital Instrument

Replacing Outdated Analogue Devices with a Smart Digital Instrument

Situation: The old Playford Power Station at Port Augusta, South Australia operates as a peak demand supplier of electricity. It features some dated monitoring technology which is being upgraded with UNIMETER XQLs. One such meter is placed on the turbine of each generator unit to monitor its speed. The turbines run at 3000 rpm which is well within the UNIMETER XQL's maximum displayable value of +/-19999. The speed measurement is taken from a sensor located inside the exciter (a separate generator used to excite fields in the coils of the main generator so as to initiate power generation). The backlit LCD UNIMETER XQLs replace older LED panel meters which had become unreliable.

Benefits: Accurate monitoring of the turbine speed can be achieved to help ensure optimal control of power generation. Setpoints within the UNIMETER XQL can be configured to sound alarms if the turbine speed exceeds a minimum or maximum range, or send a control signal back to the turbine to maintain the desired speed.

The UNIMETER XQL is very versatile. In measuring the rpm of a steam turbine it is using only one of its 250-plus functions! In fact the measurement could be easily calibrated into any desired units, scale or profile.



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