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Electroplating in a Printed Circuit Board Plant

Situation:A major manufacturer of printed circuit boards is currently expanding its operations. UNIMETER XQLs are being used extensively for data logging, display and control in their new electroplating plant.

One application is the Plating Line where NC drilled and imaged PCBs are plated with copper and tin. Each of the 7 baths uses different chemistry, therefore requiring that the temperatures, tank levels and flow rates be independently monitored and controlled. Temperature is measured with the PT100 solid-state sensor. This measurement drives a contactor with the use of one of the two set points onboard the Unimeter XQL. With in-built linearisation, the Unimeter can turn each tank heater on or off around a set-point value. This can even be done with hysteresis values set. The displayed result can be in Fahrenheit or Celsius, and PID control can be easily implemented with the Unimeter's auto-tune feature.

Scott Dowling (pictured), Electrical and Maintenance Engineer said;

"The good thing about the Unimeter is it's ease of use with RS485 and UniSoft V6 software, which gives me easy logging capabilities and reprogramming for fine tuning. It also means that I can standardize on the one meter throughout the plant."
For more technical details, log on to www.unimeter.com , and in the manual refer to Functions 41 to 56 for Temperature Monitor, Function 190 and 191 for Flow Control and Function 81, Process Monitor (4-20mA) for depth measurement.



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