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Controlling the Milling of Coal Prior to Combustion

Controlling the Milling of Coal Prior to Combustion

Situation: The coal used in the NRG Flinders power station at Port Augusta, South Australia needs to be milled into a combustible state before burning for steam generation. No less than twelve coal mills perform this function. It's an environment of dust, heat and vibration which really puts the UNIMETER XQL to the test, but it comes through with flying colours! These banks of UNIMETER XQLs replaced old ERO, analogue switches. Measurements on a mill are made primarily through a number of thermocouples directly connected to the UNIMETER XQLs. This information is linearized and calibrated to provide the correct sequence of switched outputs, which in turn control the mill.

Benefits: The UNIMETER XQL installation provides a diagnostic auto-starting feature on the mills, moving through a sequence of starting steps. In this manner, each mill can be started at the push of a button. If the mill fails to start, critical factors are displayed on the front panel of each UNIMETER XQL. This reduces downtime as the problem can be easily identified. It is possible for all monitoring, control and diagnosis to occur remotely using the AS4000 adaptor (RS485 to RS232) and UniSoft software, thus creating a safer work environment.



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