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Measuring Mould Temperature

mould measuring

Situation: A producer of natural health products uses a UNIMETER to monitor the mould temperature of a bottle and/or container-manufacturing machine. This application uses a non contact IMPAC thermocouple connected directly to the UNIMETER input terminals. This UNIMETER is used as a stand- alone measurement system, in which it measures the mould temperature in degrees Celsius.

Benefit: The UNIMETER provides an easy to use monitoring system, which is not only reliable, but has the ability to log data of up to 10500 values at periods ranging from 1 second to 4.4 hours. The UNIMETER can also provide up to two alarm points to warn of critical temperatures or activate/deactivate controlling operations. It is as simple as setting the UNIMETER's two inbuilt set-point values. The UNIMETER also allows for thermocouple calibration and if necessary a 100 point linearization process is available.



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