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Monitoring a range of sensors in a Water Treatment Plant

Monitoring a range of sensors in a Water Treatment Plant

Situation: A number of power stations use seawater in their operations. Nature it seems can adapt to any environment. Forms of shell life within the seawater deposit and grow inside the power station's water pipes which require periodic cleaning and repairs. This may lead to unacceptable downtime.

Solution: As it enters the power station, the seawater goes through a type of environmentally-friendly cleaning process. This is performed at the station's water treatment plant, which was once manned around the clock. This costly-manpower was reduced through the introduction of the UNIMETER range of products, replacing old-style chart recorders, and directing data via a single twisted pair cable to a control room. The Uni-Mux XQL (four are shown above) is a 16 channel data acquisition unit and is cascadable, allowing for a large number of sensors and measurements to be monitored.

Benefits: Operating costs are greatly reduced because there's no need to use paper chart recorders. Cleaning of the pipe work is minimized with the present day remotely monitored water treatment plant. Instead of having general staff manning the station, it can be monitored by one person via a PC. Appropriate staff need only be sent in when there is a problem. And if the operator goes to lunch? No problem! The Unimeter's logging and reporting software alerts the operator of major problems, by recording the measurements around the clock.



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