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In a Bitumen Laying Truck to Control the Hydraulic Pump speed

Measuring bitumen flow

Situation: A bitumen truck manufacturing company uses a specially programmed UNIMETER as a manual 4-20mA Pot. The 4-20mA output of the UNIMETER is connected directly to a coil that drives a Hydraulic pump. Hence by varying the current through the coil using the UNIMETER's output, the operator can manually control the pump speed using the membrane keys on the UNIMETER's front panel.

Other potential UNIMETER applications for specialist vehicles like this include; tank volume measurements, temperature, pressure, distance and speed monitoring plus many more.

Benefit: The operator can get a numerical representation directly from the UNIMETER display that represents the coil current and hence represents the pump speed. Therefore the Bitumen truck operator can accurately change the pump speed and get a numerical representation of its speed.

The UNIMETER's versatility is another major benefit. Since one meter can do all, only one meter has to be learnt and this takes out the confusion of having to remember how to operate and program a number of different meters, all with different functions and controls.



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