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Solving the Wastage of Plastic Wrap

Solving the Wastage of Plastic Wrap

Problem: A brewery in Queensland uses large rolls of shrink wrap plastic to wrap three six-packs at once at the end of the filling line. The problem was that since the introduction of the three bay line there was a large and costly surplus of shrink wrap which was only wide enough to wrap two six-packs at a time. The two-bay line couldn't be used directly as it was slower than the line feeding it and so the problem arose.

Solution: The line feeding the two bay shrink wrapper had to be slowed down. By application of a UNIMETER, the speed of the line could be decreased without making major changes to the plants operation. The UNIMETER converted the 0-10V speed control to approximately 0-6.6V using its span adjust function. Hence the UNIMETER was used to slow down the line and allow it to run at the same speed as the slower line, allowing the use of the two bay shrink wrap.

Benefits: The Brewery managed to significantly reduce costs by using the left over shrink wrap as a result of a very basic UNIMETER application. The UNIMETER allowed changes in the speed of the line feed without making any changes to the lines control system. Hence in order to change the wrapping line from three to two or vice versa it was as simple as the addition or removal of a UNIMETER.



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