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  Quality Accreditations...

Autoplex International recognizes the importance of product quality, safety, and reliability, and place a great deal of emphasis on ensuring the integrity of the design and manufacturing processes incorporated into all Unimeter products.

The following international quality accreditations and certifications are applied to the manufacture and design of our products:

  • ISO-9001 Accreditation (design divisions)
  • ISO-9002 Accreditation (manufacturing divisions)
  • Underwriters Laboratory Approval (PCBs)
  • IPC standards (product manufacture)

These standards and accreditations collectively play a key part in assuring product traceability, process uniformity, and conformity to product specification.

Quality Accredited
  Product Certifications...

The Unimeter product range is manufactured and tested for compliance with a number of international certifications as follows:

  • EN 55022:(CISPR 22: 1993) Class A
  • EN 50082-1 1992
  • IEC 801-2: 1991
  • IEC 801-3 1984
  • IEC 801-4 1988
  • MIL -HBK-200

The Unimeter is manufactured in facility that is fully accredited to ISO- 9002 quality standard.   Full compatibility with the EC directive for EMC compliance has been achieved and certified.


Unimeter Reliability...

The Unimeter product range is based on a well proven design and has enjoyed a history of reliable field operation over many years.

The design integrity and operational reliability incorporates many man years of engineering design effort  and has been subject to the most rigorous laboratory and field testing to ensure the highest levels of operational reliability.

The Unimeter product range is in service across a wide range of business sectors and industries, including industrial, laboratory, and military applications.

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