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The popular UNIMETER XQL technologies are now available in South Korea. 


Autoplex International Pty Ltd has appointed MK Electronics as its South Korean Master Distributor.  MK Electronics are a well established and respected developer and marketer of instrumentation for process control.


The agreement gives MK Electronics the South Korean territory for two years, with the proviso that they promote the UNIMETER Technologies not only to their existing client base, but also through their established network of agents in South Korea, SE Asia and North America.


On his return from South Korea where he signed the agreement with Mr. Sam-Pyo Hong, President of MK Electronics, Autoplex Marketing Manager Paul Szuster cited his company’s participation at Interkama in Germany late last year as the foundation  for establishing the relationship.


“MK Electronics found us exhibiting there, and were pleasantly surprised to find a technology that was highly sophisticated yet relatively easy to operate”, Mr. Szuster said.


 “Since then they have run extensive evaluation tests, and have indicated that the UniMux XQL, our multi-channel data logger and controller instrument will address the needs of small industrial sites which need an easy to use SCADA Technology”.


Mr Hong is very enthusiastic about this instrument’s potential, and predicts its sales to exceed 500 units a year.


“It’s a bit like the ‘Coals to Newcastle’ syndrome where we are selling our Australian developed automation technology into a highly sophisticated technology manufacturing country”, Mr. Szuster concluded with a wry smile.




Other News...




Autoplex International Pty.Ltd, the Australian developer of Process Control and SCADA technologies, has reached another important milestone with the announcement by major distributor Farnell Electronics (Australia) that they will be carrying the range of UNIMETER products from November 2001.


The Unimeter product range has been included in the November edition of the Farnell Select

magazine, which highlights new and innovative items from the current Farnell product range.


Paul Szuster, Marketing Manager of Autoplex, has worked closely with Farnell National Sales Manager Mike Cooper to ensure that the Unimeter product range met the stringent performance, quality and reliability requirements for products carried by Farnell.  The listing is another significant step in the company’s push for global recognition and penetration of its unique product range.


"The decision by Farnell, a world-wide distributor of high quality products, backs our belief that innovative Australian electronic products can compete successfully against anything in the world," he says. 


The UNIMETER XQL is a universal instrument for measurement and control, while the Uni-Mux XQL is a multi-function data acquisition module and SCADA system.  These products are complemented by the UniSoft Version 6 software, which allows a fully integrated system to be developed around industry standard PC based hardware and software platforms.


A Major Step Forward for the UNIMETER XQL

A core strategy for Autoplex has been to establish global distribution channels for the UNIMETER XQL instruments.   

The biennial Interkama  at Messe Dusseldorf, Germany is regarded as the major international exhibition for process control and instrumentation. By exhibiting at Interkama last month we aimed to attract the interest of distributors of process control technologies from as many countries as possible.

The overall response from visitors to the stand was that they were impressed with the unique and universal features of the UNIMETER XQL,  that it was cost effective, appeared to be well manufactured, and that they had never seen anything like it before.

We were very pleased with the location of our stand in the central hall of the five used for the exhibition. Our neighbors included industry heavyweights including Siemens, Schnieder, Krohne and Pepperl Fuchs. Our Unimeter stand therefore benefited from having their visitors pass by.  

In the foreground we attracted attention with our “Model Factory”  flanked by two large UNIMETER XQL and UniMux XQL posters. In the rear was a very large banner announcing “Distributors and Agents Wanted. With this clear message we aimed to:

  • attract the attention of distributors,

  • present and demonstrate the UNIMETER XQL technology to them,

  • determine their level of interest in handling the instruments,

  • gauge their sales potential, 

  • give them a kit of relevant information pertaining to distribution, and

  • arrange  to post a copy of the UNIMETER XQL manual after the exhibition.

In the five days at the exhibition we had constructive discussions with over 70 prospects, the majority being distributors of process control, instrumentation and sensor technologies.  They were from a wide range of countries in Europe and Asia, and we even had a couple from South America and one from South Africa.

As one would expect at a trade exhibition, representatives of forthcoming events were present. We were approached to consider participating in St Petersberg, April 2002, and Mumbai, October2002. No commitment at present, but watch this space if we get involved.

We are confident that in the very near future we will announce a team of UNIMETER distributors in France, the UK, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece, Israel, Iran, India, the Ukraine, South Africa, Taiwan, Korea and China.

Though many reports indicate that Interkama 2001 had less impact than its predecessors, for us the exercise was well worth it, with the UNIMETER XQL technology poised to make its mark globally.

The UNIMETER XQL Goes Global!

The highly-successful Australian-developed UNIMETER XQL will go global at the prestigious INTERKAMA 2001 in Dusseldorf, Germany in late September.

INTERKAMA is recognized as the world's No.1 venue featuring instrumentation solutions for automation in production and business processes, and the UNIMETER exhibit is the only registration from Australia.

"Our Goal is to have the UNIMETER accepted as the most versatile, useful, reliable and cost effective data management tool used in industry throughout the world," says Marketing Manager, Mr Paul Szuster.

"Taking our product to INTERKAMA is a significant step in our global strategy"..

"Our aim is to have the instrument carried by major distributors for process control devices and instrumentation in all of the major industrial markets. Listings in international catalogues will guarantee availability in all niche markets and geographically remote locations", says Mr. Szuster.

Australian distribution channels for the UNIMETER are now firmly in place, with MicroMax Pty Ltd recently appointed as the National Market Distributor, and RS Components for catalogue sales in the Australian and East Asian markets.

"Now it's time to expand our network," says Mr. Szuster."

"The sole purpose of exhibiting at INTERKAMA will be to help source distributors for markets in North America, Western, Central and Eastern Europe, South America and Southern Africa".

The UNIMETER XQL is a highly reliable and robust instrument manufactured to the highest quality standards by Australia's leading electronics manufacturer. The instrument has the CE mark, the C4 and a Mil. Spec.

Industry sectors where UNIMETER's find ready acceptance are food and beverage processing, electric power generation, water treatment, machine shops and research laboratories.

The instrument is packed with features that deliver a multitude of benefits to users. Case studies and application notes can be found on the website, www.unimeter.com

Pictured is Mr Paul Szuster with a Unimeter instrument and a "Model Factory" which he will be using to demonstrate the versatility of the UNIMETER at Interkama 2001.

Unimeter instrument and a Model Factory


This Universal Instrument for measurement and control is a high precision 5 digit device incorporating a revolutionary QUADAC™ analog to digital and digital to analog converter. The unit is capable of handling high speed digital signals and a wide range of small analog AC and DC signals through it's unique hardware circuitry. Analog conversion is at 16 bits with 20.5 bits floating resolution over three ranges to ensure very high precision.

The UNIMETER XQL is factory calibrated with a software referencing method that guarantees long term stability. The instrument re-calibrates itself for zero, span and temperature drift every few seconds to insure superior performance.

The UNIMETER XQL is user programable to become virtually any type of digital or analog instrument. With hundreds of function and special functions, and thousands of options and features, UNIMETER XQL offers a solution for virtually all instruments, measurement and control requirements.

A comprehensive range of hardware and software options are provided to allow the user to select features as required. The UNIMETER XQL and its supporting manual have been developed to remove complexity from the user by a single number - "select only what you need" - method.

The UNIMETER XQL can be supplied in either a 110-230V AC or 10-30V DC form.

Details can be found on website www.unimeter.com

The UNIMETER XQL has been designed developed and manufactured in Australia. It has a substantial installed base. These include automotive manufacturers, electricity power generators, food processing plants, water treatment plants, brick kilns, and naval vessels. It is listed by RS Components in their Australian Catalogue. This is regarded as a great achievement because it recognises the quality and usefullness of the instrument.

By exhibiting at INTERKAMA 2001, the Company is looking for national distributors, and manufacturers to manufacturing under license in Europe, North America and South America.




Autoplex International Pty.Ltd, an Australian developer of Process Control and SCADA technologies, has reached another marketing milestone with the announcement by major distributor RS Components that they will be carrying the range of UNIMETER products in their catalogue.


The UNIMETER XQL is a universal instrument for measurement and control, while the Uni-Mux XQL is a multi-function data acquisition module and SCADA system.


Paul Szuster, Marketing Manager of Autoplex, says the catalogue listing is another significant step in the company’s push for global recognition and penetration of its unique products.


"The decision by RS Components, a world-renowned distributor, backs our belief that innovative Australian electronic products can hold their own against anything in the world," he says. "I am delighted by this show of faith and support for the UNIMETER range." 


Peter Reuter, the inventor and developer of the QUADAC technology behind the UNIMETER has spent the past decade perfecting his unique instruments.  "Having a top-flight distributor like RS Components backing the products has always been a goal of mine", he says. 


To celebrate the launch of the UNIMETER products with RS Components, the distributor is offering the Uni-Mux XQL and the Uni-Link software as a bundle at a special price.


"The Uni-Mux XQL will give businesses with process control requirements the opportunity to get into SCADA systems at a very low cost," says Product Marketing Manager of RS Components, Graham Dadd.


Details can be found on page 1211 of the new 2001 RS Components Australian Catalogue, or the Autoplex website www.unimeter.com 



We’ve just produced a new set of six case studies that demonstrate the versatility of the UNIMETER XQL.  They have been posted on the Website for your reference - please visit our Case Studies page for a full index.


We’d like to thank Shaun Milner for researching and drafting the text and images as part of his work experience with us over the summer university break, and Karen Brown, Graphic Artist for her work in design and printing.

Study – February 2001


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