Unimeter XQL

  Product Overview...
  • Universal instrument

  • User selectable functions

  • Data Logs 10,500 readings

  • Serial communications

  • Analog retransmission

  • Single instrument inventory

  • Dual isolated setpoints

  • Comprehensive controller

  • Windows® based software

  • World leading QUADAC technology

 ' Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler. '  Albert Einstein.

Hundreds of functions and thousands of options and features in a single instrument. This makes it possible to standardise on one unique control device throughout the plant.

The invention of the 'QUADAC' converter has made it possible to combine all measurement and control functions in a single instrument to provide user selectable solutions for every problem. 


Process conversion, indication and control are all included with the UNIMETER™. Direct or remote connection to Personal Computers for SCADA applications is available for direct management of the process environment.


UNIMETER has a complete and comprehensive range of user selectable hardware options. 


These include dual signal inputs, sample and hold interface, programmable current and voltage retransmission outputs, user selectable precision power supply, RS 485 serial interface port, process reset terminals, two user programmable isolated relay setpoints, dual supply voltage and constant current output source.


Beyond hundreds of standard functions, the UNIMETER provides a substantial range of complex fuctions such as auto-tune PID control, 100 point linearisatin, peak and valley memory and display, maximum demand control, dual input functions with A*B, A/B, A+B, A-B, largest of A and B, average of A and B, 100 point profile control, function generation, PLC interface, batch control with batch count...... and many, many more.


The UNIMETER XQL data logs the last 10,500 readings in a circular buffer ready for downloading using Windows based software for use in any spreadsheet. It's analog bargraph display shows the control effort of the analogue output signal.
A large number of global Special Functions are available. These Special Functions will combine with the selected Main Functions to provide the user with optimal process control tools. 


The Special Functions include full scale span and auto offset adjustment, auto tare options, hotkey program functions, retransmission level control, setpoint inversion and delay adjustment, keyboard disable control, factory reset, rotating LED sign interface, digital filter options, user average programmability, baudrate selection...... and many, many more.


A comprehensive range of software is available to provide the user with all options to remotely manage and adjust any process control situation. A simple two wire 'daisy chain' system makes it easy to collect any production variable for recording and analytical purposes. Our UniLink SCADA can be employed for the most advanced plant management and process evaluation available.


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