Unimeter XQL

  Technical Specifications...

All these features are inclusive in every Unimeter XQL, unless specified as an 'optional extra'.

Supply:                                    230/110 Vac, 50/60 Hz, +/- 15%
                                                 10-30 Vdc (optional supply)

Input format:                             Universal user programmable input includes:
                                                  Thermocouples, RTD, 4-20 mA, 0 to +/-10 V Ac/Dc,
                                                  0-50mV, 0-100mV, strain gain, load cell,
                                                  proximty detector, tacho generator, TTL,
                                                  CMOS, resistance and many more
                                                  Input configuration and gain automatically selected
                                                  by selecting a Function number.

Input impedance:                     2000 kOhms (Single input functions)
                                                  1000 kOhms (Dual input functions)

Input conversion:                     QUADAC, 16 bits (20.5 bits floating)

Linearising:                              100 point interpolated.

Conversion response:             20 mS typical

Accuracy:                                 Digital = 0.01% F.S., analog = 0.1% F.S.

Logger Storage capacity:        10 500   measurements, Circular buffer

Logger Sample rate:                1 Second to 5.5 Hours

Display update:                        Various, function dependant, typically 700 mS

Display type:                             5 digit LCD, 0.00 to +/-19 999 floating point, Backlit
                                                   Analogue bargraph displays control effort

Peak Hold:                                Included - Hot Key

Sample & Hold:                        Included - Zero Volt short circuit

Peak & Valley:                         Included - Hot Key

Calibration:                               Auto recalibration, approx. every 10 to 60 seconds 

Span:                                         User programmable to +/- full scale with auto offset

Offset:                                       User programmable to +/- full scale

Analog outputs:                         0-10 Vdc and 4-20 mA, user programmable to any range

Control types:                            On-Off, full PID, 100 point profile, auto tune

Relay setpoints:                        2 spdt, 3 amp, 240 Vac with 0-100% hysteresis and on-off delay

User power supply:                   5/10/15/24 Vdc, 50 mA user selectable

Power consumption:                 6 Watts maximum

Software (optional extra):         Unisoft, Unitools, Uni-Link SCADA
                                                    AS4000 RS485 / RS232 Serial Adaptor included with software

Communications:                      RS 485, 2.4, 4.8, 9.6, 19.2, 38.4 kBaud

Comms response:                   20 mS typical

Protection:                                 Front panel - IP 65 with optional membrane fitted

Case:                                         Flame retardant ABS plastic

Dimensions:                              97x50x148 mm, 1/8 DIN cutout 92.5x44.5 mm (Panel mounting)
                                                  100x75x110 mm (DIN Rail mounting)

Connections:                             Screw terminals

Temperature range:                 -10 to +50 Deg. C

Humidity:                                   0-95% (non condensing)

Weight:                                      750 grams including packing

EMC accreditation:                  CE mark (Europe), C-Tick (Australia)    

Optional Extras:                       10-30VDC Supply Input
                                                   Rear safety protection cover
                                                   Water/Dust Membrane (IP65)
                                                   PH100 PH Interface buffer
                                                   CM100 Conductivity interface buffer
                                                   Modbus / Protocol adaptor (coming soon)


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