UniSoft V6

  Product Overview...

UniSoft V6 Software is one of the simplest SCADA systems around to get up and running with live data into your PC. 

UniSoft uses easy 'Wizards' to build a simple SCADA system to  monitor and control the outside world, using Microsoft® Access® and Excel® as the systems platform. 

All data logging and displays are in real time and are within the standard Windows® 95/98 environment.

UniSoft is a simple D.I.Y. system that can be implemented by any 'non expert' to create the most complex local or remote monitoring and control systems. 

The simple two wire distributed control system allows the system to be up and running in a very short time.  Virtually any SCADA system can be quickly created to manage and directly control any plant - real time.


Uni-Link is one of the simplest SCADA systems around

UniSoft has been developed to interface, real time, the Unimeter range of devices (and third party's PLC controllers) to the Microsoft Windows 95/98 environment.

The system features object linking to any of the Windows 95/98 software packages which support  Active X Automation features, so you are not restricted to Access and Excel.

The full power of the Microsoft Access and Excel library is available for real time evaluation and charting of monitored values while the SCADA system is in progress. Total user customization is provided. 

UniSoft is provided with an RS232 to RS485 signal converter to allow any computer to be used to control the Unimeter via the robust, noise tolerant differential drive RS485 system.  

Microsoft, Windows, Access and Excel are registered trademarks of Microsoft Ltd.
'SCADA' stands for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition.

A demo version of this industry leading software is available for download and trial :Download Now


Uni-Link is one of the simplest SCADA systems around

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